David Maclaren - Association Blue Sea

David Maclaren Vice President

A native of Ottawa and now retired, David Maclaren has grown up on Blue Sea Lake since childhood. He loves the outdoors, the lakes, the forests, the land, and the privacy which life on the watershed affords. David has been an active volunteer with the Association since its early days and joined the Board of Directors in 2019. He has spent many hours doing outreach for Association to residents and cottagers, helping to develop the Yellow Buoy program, and assisting with Association efforts to control the spread of Eurasian milfoil using biodegradable jute tarps. David is most concerned about the premature aging and the deteriorating water quality due to excessive nutrients entering the lakes because of poor sewage management, improper shoreline vegetation, or erosion. He has seen water quality go up and down over the years and believes ongoing vigilance by those who live on the watershed and have a stake in its future is vital to maintaining the environmental health of this special part of the world. 


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