The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association is established as a not-for-profit organization and is governed by a set of General Rules approved by the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec and first approved at the Annual General Assembly of July 10th, 2010. These were later amended at the AGM of July 28th, 2012, and these changes are described in the minutes of that AGM (Article 4).

Two other amendments were approved at the AGM of July 21st, 2018, with the aim of recognizing groups or associations formed for the protection of certain lakes in the watershed other than Blue Sea Lake. The first created a new category of members. The second set a contribution due date and certain admission standards. These amendments have been incorporated into the Consolidated General Rules which now govern the Association.

As a registered charity and not-for-profit organization under the Canada Revenue Agency and the Quebec Registrar of Companies, the Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association is committed to the following purposes:

1 – Educate and raise awareness of the importance of preserving water quality by maintaining information booths, a website and an electronic newsletter, as well as producing and distributing documents, publicity, and signage related to the health and sustainable development of the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream watersheds.

2 – To ensure the sustainability of the water resource and its uses in the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream watersheds by conducting a water sampling program and making the results of water quality monitoring available to the public.

3 – Contribute to the protection of the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream watersheds through a network of demarcation buoys and the implementation of a jute tarp program in Blue Sea Lake to control the problems posed by Eurasian milfoil.

4 – For these purposes, receive gifts, legacies, and other similar contributions in money, securities or real estate, administer such donations, legacies, and other contributions; organize subscription campaigns in order to raise funds.

Consistent with these purposes, the Association carries out programs and projects, described below, to foster and support the environmental health of the lakes and waterways in the Blue Sea Lake watershed. This work is carried out by volunteers under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors.

Priorities for the Association are established each year by the Board taking account of input from the membership as expressed at our Annual General Meetings and through ongoing feedback and communication.

The Annual General Meetings, generally held in the summer, are important occasions for the membership to contribute ideas and input on the state of the Watershed and to suggest priorities for action by the Board and leadership. Learn more about what the direction and priorities of the Association have been in the past by reviewing the documents of past AGMs.

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