Monitoring Water Quality

Each year, volunteers for the Association conduct water quality samples according to protocols established by the Reseau de surveillance de volontaires des Lacs du Québec (RSVL) and submit these for analysis. The table below shows the lakes registered in the RSVL program and the accompanying map shows the sampling stations. Results of the annual samples are compiled and published by RSVL and be accessed by clicking the lake’s RSVL Number in the Table.

In addition to sampling for water quality and transparency, the Association also measures the growth of the viscous mud on shallow water rocks known is periphyton, which affects the abilities of fish to spawn and can be an early sign of nutrient enrichment in a lake.

Details on the RSVL program and on the protocols used in water sampling can be found in the links under Resources below. If you like being on the water and would like to volunteer your time to help with this activity, please visit the Volunteer section of the website.

 LacBassin*No RSVLStationsDepuis
1 Blue Sea L72A, B, C, D2004
2 Edja L189 A**, B2007
3 Beaudry L712A2012
4 Grant L709A2012
5 Laverdure L710A2012
6 ProfondR711A2012
7 Grenon L779A2015
8 Roberge L778A2015
9 Clément L801A2016
10 Castor BlancR797A2018
11 Caya L856A2019


Réseau de surveillance volontaire des lacs (RSVL) 


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