The Blue Sea Lake Watershed

Blue Sea Lake is situated in the upper Gatineau region of Quebec approximately 100 kms north of Ottawa and the watershed is encompassed by the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines. It is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Gatineau Valley” and is a prime recreational-tourist destination.

Blue Sea Stream begins at the Southeast corner of Blue Sea Lake and meanders for 12 kilometres before emptying into the Picanoc River at a point about 3 kms before the Picanoc empties into the Gatineau River.

Blue Sea Lake collects water from 32 other lakes and Blue Sea Stream receives water from an additional 16 lakes. In addition, the area encompassed by Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream contains several intermittent swamps formed by beaver dams.

A wealth of detailed technical information on the geography and environment of the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream Watershed can be obtained from the 2010 GEIGER Report commissioned by the Association (available in French only). An English summary is available in the Resources section of the website

Environmental Threats
Although Blue Sea Lake and other lakes in the watershed remain generally healthy, they face continuous environmental threats from the presence of the human activity. Broadly speaking, these threats are generally of three kinds:

  • – The accumulation of phosphorus and other plant-based nutrients leading to the premature aging of the water body.
  • – The introduction of invasive aquatic species such as Eurasian Milfoil.
  • – Various kinds of harmful pollutants introduced to the watershed  through various means.

This website provides information and resources on how the Association is acting to combat these various threats to the Blue Sea Lake Watershed in collaboration with our Municipal and other Partners.

2010 Geiger Report
2010 Geiger Report: English Summary

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