How to Maintain the Beauty of Our Lake

Welcome to Blue Sea Lake! It gets its name from the crystal-clear colour of the water. It has a surface area of 14km²  and lies between the municipalities of Messines and Blue Sea. At a time when the railway ran along it’s shores, the  lake attracted many visitors, some of which bought land to build cottages on, to enjoy the beauty the lake has to  offer. At present day, there are many that choose to live on the shores of this amazing lake year-round.  

In order to maintain its’ beauty, here are a few recommendations and regulations that should be respected:

Information for Renters

Are you renting out your place at Blue Sea this year? Are you a renter yourself? If either of these situations applies to you, or if you know renters who are new to our region, please take note and share with your renter friends this smart and informative pamphlet with helpful information on How to Maintain the Beauty of Blue Sea Lake and the other lakes in our watershed. 

The brochure is available on the Education and Awareness page of our website. You can also pick up copies at the Municipal Offices at Blue Sea and Messines or at local depanneurs.

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